About Us

The Company

We are an Orlando FL based company that specializes in producing multimedia, including independent film.

It is true that we adore creating horror films (always with a hint of humor), but we are also very heavy into Science Fiction, Suspense and Thrillers. However; even though those are the types of films that we currently have on the docket for ourselves, it is important to note that we also provide a wide range of multimedia services including but not limited to:

  • Film & Video Recording and Editing (in any genre)
  • Sound Recording and Editing
  • TV & Film Product Package Creation in conjunction with our sister company Celestial Fury Publishing
  • Opening Title and Credit(s) Design
  • Motion Graphic Composition
  • Special Effects Creation and Composition
    • Anything from Simple Animation to Motion-Matching Techniques to 3D Integration
  • Cinematography Services
    • Photography Direction (DP) Services
    • Film Colorization
    • Set / Scene Matching etc
  • Innovative Green Screen Capabilities
  • We work closely with our sister company "Dark Bard Audio" for all Music and Audio needs - you can too!

We currently film in full HD 1920x1080 but are soon to be upgrading to the 4k resolution.

Frickbat Films can be contracted to simply add to one piece of your Film pipeline or manage and produce an entire film project encompassing all aspects of planning, execution and production.

Tell us what you are working on (or want to be working on) and let's see how we can help !